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The audiobook version of this book is available on Amazon, and iTunes

FORGOTTEN FAITH by Lauren Reeves is Lauren's newest book.  She walks you through the biblical book of Genesis offering fresh insights that show this book's unique ties to Revelation.  Genesis may be the first book of the Bible, but it has a lot to say about Jesus, where we are today, and what is to come!  

In her book, Forgotten Faith, Lauren teaches Genesis in a way that keeps her reader wanting more. She provides the foundation necessary to make the rest of the Bible make sense long after this book's last page is turned. From cover to cover, the believer will find a fascinating study of Genesis and will discover that Genesis and Revelation go hand-in-hand, painting a picture of the end and the reason for hope. The content has the ability to do for readers what might otherwise take years of study to unveil.

Forgotten Faith seeks to uncover treasures in Genesis that have long been hidden away, treasures that are relevant to today and the End of Days, and have been waiting for the right time to be known.

"Behold, I am coming soon . . . I am the Alpha and Omega,
the first and the last, the beginning and the end. "
Revelation 22:12-13

SKETCHING SCRIPTURE by Lauren Reeves and April Roycroft is a 6-week devotional with coordinating art templates for Bible Journaling.  Get together with a group of friends once a week for six weeks and have a guided art night while you dig deeper into God's Word!


In their debut compilation, April Roycroft and Lauren Reeves team up to offer a guide for small groups that is sure to draw participants closer to one another through real discussion while providing unique, scripture-based templates to help members transform the pages of their Bibles into living color.

This thought-provoking and artistic expedition through God's Word offers illustration templates, lettering techniques, an in-depth devotional, and discussion questions for each week. Each devotional encourages small groups to get real with one another through deep, personal discussion in a safe environment, while the illustration templates provide inspiration and guidance to create, paint, and color beauty inside the pages of the Bible.

So get together with your friends or church group and take a six-week journey that will be good for your heart, mind, and soul!

Graciously Broken FRONT COVER.jpg

GRACIOUSLY BROKEN: 40 DAYS OF HOPE by Amanda Tornberg is a 40-day devotional for people who know life can be messy, hard, and even devastating at times. In just five minutes a day for 40 days, this devotional can reconnect you with God on a new level in the midst of struggle or help connect you to God for the first time.


We all know life can be messy, hard, and even devastating at times. Sometimes we choose paths of destruction and heartache, and sometimes those things simply come as part of life. Whatever the reason, our brokenness can be seen as God's grace in our lives, because it is often our brokenness that causes us to turn to Him. At the darkest moments of our lives, when all hope seems lost, we can look to the cross and see Christ's love if we will only look up. Are you graciously broken? Are you at your end? If so, take this 40-day journey for five minutes a day and find out there is hope for you, and His name is Jesus!

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LOSING & GAINING: FINDING FREEDOM FROM FOOD ADDICTION by Misty Sherman is a 7-week study for people desiring to gain control over their eating.


If you struggle with food, you may likely have experienced the same ups and downs as I did when you try to gain control over your eating. You diet to lose weight and may even find some success. However, getting off the diet leads to gaining all of the weight back and then some. Then you try another diet only to go through the same cycle. But what if it's not just about a change in behaviors? If there was a way to find lasting freedom from the control of food, would you try it? A change in perspective could make all the difference. Come with me on a journey where losing and gaining are both good things!

cover front FINAL Oct 15 - Lorlees Bee-y

LORLEE'S BEE-YOU-TI-FUL DAY is an endearing children's book written by Lori Keenen Smith and contains brightly illustrated pages by Mary K. Routt.


Lorlee the bee embraces life and lives every moment to the fullest. But even in her happiest times, she has a deep longing to find acceptance and a place to call home. In a day that will change their lives forever, Lorlee and her new, unexpected friends learn the importance of seeing the good in others through their differences.

cover front only - FINAL CMYK.png

LORLEE AND THE LIGHT is an endearing and meaningful children's book written by Lori Keenen Smith and contains brightly illustrated pages by Melanie Hewins.


Join Lorlee on an incredible journey to discover the Legend of the Weeping Cherry Tree. Experience mystery and amazement as Lorlee and her friends learn about love, forgiveness, and conquering fear as they connect with their past and look forward to their future.

(c) 2024 by Lauren Reeves.  All rights reserved.

Lauren Reeves
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