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End-times Events Reference Chart for Forgotten Faith Audiobook Listeners

**This chart is only legible on a desktop computer due to the size and complexity.


Note: the Bible is not completely black and white on the order or content of end-times events.  This is a best-guess chart based on Scripture as explained in the book Forgotten Faith: Awakening a Hope We No Longer Know.  If we disagree on the details of this chart, it's okay.  Forgotten Faith is still a fascinating study of Genesis, and we know at the very least we can look forward in hope to a total renewal of creation - that much is absolutely clear in the Bible.  So if we disagree on the details or the order, it's okay.  It's not a major point of Christianity. God will bring meaning and give us the strength to endure whatever way it goes.  People often don't tackle trying to understand what was given to us in the Bible about the end times.  But I believe if it was given to us, we were meant to at least try to understand it in order to find the hope and promise within. 


Also note, these are not all the Scripture references that exist on each topic.  A study on each topic individually would prove beneficial.  This chart depicts the pre-tribulation rapture belief, of which I believe and find the most support for (I explain why in my book), but it could easily be modified to also support the mid-tribulation rapture belief. The mid-tribulation view works when we consider that the great tribulation doesn't begin until halfway through the seven-year tribulation period - the second half being the most intense of the tribulations by far.

Lauren Reeves
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