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Forgotten Faith

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When Christians are challenged to explain what they believe and why, too many fall short. Do the majority of Christians feel true commitment to their faith anymore? Are they able to retain hope and perseverance when trials come? Or do they find themselves questioning God’s goodness? We live in a time where Christians seem to have forgotten their once strong faith.


In her book Forgotten Faith, popular podcaster, speaker, and musician Lauren Reeves teaches Genesis in a way that keeps her reader wanting more. She provides the foundation necessary to make the rest of the Bible make sense long after this book’s last page is turned. From cover to cover, the believer will find a fascinating study of Genesis and that Genesis and Revelation go hand in hand, painting a picture of the End Times and the reason for hope. The content has the ability to do for readers what might otherwise take years of study to unveil. 


Forgotten Faith seeks to uncover hidden  treasures in Genesis that have long been hidden away, treasures that are relevant to today and the End of Days and have been waiting for the right time to be known -- and the time is now. 


 “Behold, I am coming soon . . . I am the Alpha and Omega,

the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Revelation 22:12-13

The audiobook version of Forgotten Faith: Awakening a Hope We No Longer Know is read by Lauren Reeves herself!  It is available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. 


If you have never subscribed to Audible audiobooks, you can get Lauren's book for FREE by going to the special "Audible" button below, adding Forgotten Faith as your first book, and signing up for the 30 day free trial.

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April Roycroft and Lauren Reeves teamed up to offer a guide for small groups that is sure to draw participants closer to one another through real discussion while providing unique scripture-based templates to help members transform the pages of their Bibles into living color.

This thought-provoking and artistic expedition through God's Word offers Bible Journaling templates, lettering techniques, an in-depth devotional, and discussion questions for each week. Each devotional encourages small groups to get real with one another through deep, personal discussion in a safe environment, while the Bible Journaling templates provide inspiration and guidance to create, paint, and color beauty inside the pages of the Bible.

So get together with your friends or church group and take a six-week journey that  will be good for your heart, mind, and soul!

Lauren Reeves
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